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Self Tour
How many times have you found a picture of the "perfect" haircut and color in a magazine, brought the picture to your salon where your stylist proceeds to give you that "perfect" hairstyle that looks AMAZING on the actress/model, but while you are looking in the mirror, you are seeing something not so "perfect"?  The cut may be exactly what you asked for, the color may match the color in the picture to a T.  What may be wrong, is that it is the wrong hairstyle for you.
The above scenario can be avoided by an exciting new program called "The Self Tour".  What is a Self Tour?  A Self Tour is a step-by-step process you will walk through, along with your  certified Self Tour trained stylist, to help educate you in finding out exactly how you should have your hair cut, colored and styled to highlight your best features and minimize other areas you may not feel as comfortable accentuating, creating a more "balanced" over all look.  The tour also helps to determine your skin tone in order to find the most flattering hair color for you!  Along with finding the best cut and color for the best looking you, we can also give you helpful tips for finding the correct colors in makeup, clothing, and even ideas for accessorising.  The tour itself is fun and informative, but the consultation is where it all comes together.  
After attending the Self Tour training, we know this program would not only benefit our salon guests, but ourselves as stylists.  Education is a tool we use to become better at our jobs, as our industry is always changing.  We are so excited to bring this very unique program to our salon and to our clients!
The cost of the Self Tour is $25.  If at that time you choose to schedule an appointment for yourself, $15 of your initial investment will be applied to your service total.  The Self Tour is HIGHLY recommended for new guests visiting the salon, but we also strongly encourage everyone to try this new service! 
If you have any questions about the Self Tour, please feel free to contact Michele or Calandra at (715) 693-5306.  Visit our home page to schedule your appointment today! 
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